Hitman: Absolution's lead platform was the PS3 but all assets were created with high-end PCs in mind, game director Tore Blystad has told Sound and Vision magazine.

"We built this for PS3 first, then Xbox 360, then PC," said Blystad who admits the current consoles are beginning to show their age.

"With the crowds, we wanted to make it feel claustrophobic or agoraphobic. You're trying to make your way through the crowded train station and if you set off an alarm, things can go very bad. It was one of the most difficult passages in the game that was remade five times or something, it was really challenging to make the gameplay work but it's one of those locations where we had a good idea what the feeling should be," he explained. "To make the gameplay follow that, it was very challenging; the way the technology and the game design and the visual stuff had to meet up and support each other. It's one of the scenes where the consoles are really struggling to keep up because of the renderer."

Regarding the PC version, Blystad says it's not as simple as you might think to simply turn everything in the game up to max.

"Every asset is built for the high-end PC version from the get-go so it was easy for us to sit with it and turn knobs and see what looked best, but there are still limits," said Blystad. "The problem with the PC version is we have to support so many different permutations of PCs and support lower and higher end specs. I think if you turn everything to the max, I don't think there's many PCs in the world that can run the game like that, but maybe in a couple of years that would be nice! (laughs)"

Hitman: Absolution was released yesterday for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


Source: Sound & Vision Magazine