Hitman 2’s new Bank DLC arrives June 25

Hitman 2’s new Bank DLC arrives June 25
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IO Interactive has announced details of the June roadmap for Agent 47's ongoing adventures in Hitman 2, revealing that the upcoming all-new Bank location for the assassin-em-up will land on June 25.

The location, which will be the first full new location added to the game as DLC, will feature an all new campaign mission entitled 'Golden Handshake' and will feature all new opportunities for creative kills in a sandbox playground that the game is known for. It comes as part of the game's Expansion Pass content, which has already seen the addition of a new 'Sniper Challenge' mission and other content since the game's launch at the tail end of last year.

In addition, Expansion Pass holders will see two new 'Special Assignments' added to the game on the same day, which change existing levels in interesting ways to encourage you to go back and play previously finished levels with a whole new twist. Mumbai and Santa Fortuna are the first two maps to get these, with the Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur missions.

June will also see a substantial amount of free content, with new Escalation contracts and a Muffin Man Challenge Pack landing, which gives players the chance to earn, yes, Blueburry Muffins as an unlock for Agent 47 on any mission upon succesful completion. Finally, owners of the Legacy Pack – which brings the Hitman 1 content into Hitman 2 – will see the return of some familar faces in The Decievers on June 7 in Sapienza and The Entertainer in Marrakesh on June 28 as returning Legacy Elusive Targets, following on from Sean Bean's return last month.