Hitman 2’s latest Elusive Target is now live

Hitman 2’s latest Elusive Target is now live
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Got time to kill over the weekend? Yes? That's just as well, then, because Hitman 2's latest Elusive Target, The Politician, is now live. 

Agent 47 will have until March 18 to hunt down Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, described as a New Zealand tycoon and is a former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs. As expected, she can be found in Hitman 2's New Zealand location, Hawke's Bay.

Dama Barbara is also apparently working with a body double, which makes your job a little more difficult. You'll only get one shot at Keating, too; if you mess up, there's no option to retry.

Hitman 2 was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One last November, and Colm rather enjoyed it