Hitman 2’s homing briefcase is christened as an official gadget

Hitman 2’s homing briefcase is christened as an official gadget
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In the studio’s August Roadmap update post, IO Interactive has dubbed the accidental briefcase glitch an official gadget, called The Homing Briefcase. 

When Hitman 2 launched, an undiscovered glitch caused any briefcase thrown by Agent 47 to hit home on its leisurely strolling target, even around corners. It was a sight to behold, this rectangle that disobeyed the laws of physics, but IO Interactive brought it back down to earth and patched the glitch out.

Now, the magical briefcase will make its return, as stated by IO Interactive earlier this week in an update post. On August 8, The Homing Briefcase will be available as an unlockable gadget in the Best Case Scenario challenge pack. The tongue-in-cheek description follows: ‘tweaked for maximum style, there is no end to the possibilities this item offers.’

There’s more to the planned content for Hitman 2 than just this, however. The Simmons Concussion Escalation Contract began on August 1, which asks Agent 47 to wield diplomatic force by throwing energy drinks at joggers. Today sets up a new Legacy Elusive Target, The Chameleon, for players to hunt down in Colorado.

The Batty Tranquility Escalation Contract is scheduled for August 15, followed by another Legacy Elusive Target on August 16. The Scarlett Deceit Escalation Contract and Featured Contracts begin on August 22, the latter in the theme of ‘Cosplay Karma’. One fan submission is titled ‘God I Hate Their Stupid Hats So Much’, which sternly reprimands guards for uniform violations.

Finally, the Smart Casual Suit, ICA Flash Phone and IO Elite S2VP Earphones are releasing on August 27 for expansion pass holders. Along with the Siberia Sniper Assassin map that was released on Tuesday, Hitman 2 players have plenty to keep them busy.