Hitman 2’s final DLC update washes up on The Maldives

Hitman 2’s final DLC update washes up on The Maldives
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Hitman 2’s concluding DLC update for this year will offer a trip to The Maldives, two Special Assignments, two new unlocks, and more, as announced in IO Interactive’s September roadmap.

The Escalation Contracts coming this month are The Dalton Dissection, The Covert Dispersal, The Dubious Cohabitation, and The Merle Revelation. The Dalton Dissection and The Covert Dispersal release first, on September 5. The action will smoulder to an inferno through three stages in The Dalton Dissection, as 47 bounces from hit to hit in the Bank Robber disguise. As for The Covert Dispersal, undercover officers must be gently helped on their way out of a garden party held in Whittleton Creek. A little party never killed nobody, so keep a low profile and Fergie won’t have to eat her words.

The Dubious Cohabitation and The Merle Revelation contracts come with new unlocks; the styling Cashmerian pinstripe suit, and the Emetic Grenade which causes anyone in its radius to vomit. These will go live on September 12 and September 19, respectively. And, the Legacy Elusive targets are the Blackmailer in Paris and the Angel of Death in Marrakesh, dated for September 13 and September 27. 

Expansion Pass owners will be treated to a trip to The Maldives, beginning on September 24. The mission set on Haven Island continues the events of the previous outing to New York, and promises ‘an exciting conclusion to the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass content.’ Finally, the new Special Assignments A Silver Tongue and A Bitter Pill continue the vacation theme, jetting 47 to Miami and then to Whittleton Creek to complete these, and more details on the assignments will come in the IOI Monthly on September 23.

Hitman 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Watch the September roadmap video below.