Eidos Interactive has announced the development of Highlander for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Games for Windows. The game is based on the cult film and television franchise and sees players taking control of Owen MacLeod in a third-person action adventure spanning 2000 years.

Developed by French developer Widescreen using the Unreal Engine 3, Highlander will see players fighting a variety of enemies through time in highly detailed and destructible worlds.

As an immortal you'll have to master a range of abilities including using your body as a conduit to unleash electricity or fire at enemies, impaling yourself on enemy weapons to disarm them and leaping to your apparent death (you're immortal so you won't die) to avoid enemies.

As in the movie and television franchise, upgraded abilities will come by defeating other Immortals in combat. By removing an Immortal's head from their body a Quickening will be generated with the victor absorbing the knowledge and strength of the decapitated foe.

Eidos is promising 18 missions spread over four distinct environments: New York, Pempeii, the Highlands of Scotland and Japan during the Samurai era. Players will also have three weapons to master: the Katana, Claymore and Double Sword.

Highlander is currently without a firm release date, although it's down to arrive later this year.