Hideo Kojima’s next inspiration is “too scary” for his “horror soul”

Hideo Kojima’s next inspiration is “too scary” for his “horror soul”
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Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear and PT, said he wants to make the most horrifying horror game yet and that might mean watching a film he’s been too scared to finish (via PlayStation LifeStyle). 

Now that Death Stranding is done and dusted, Kojima is on the trail for his next project. Sharing a photo of Hong-Kong-Singaporean horror film The Eye, he said he’s started watching spook ‘em ups to “awaken [his] horror soul.” Kojima tried to watch The Eye while making PT, but he found it too frightening to finish. Even the outside case was too scary for the video game designer. Skimming over the Wikipedia entry for The Eye, it’s got body horror, visions of death, possession, and familial strife. Seems right up PT’s street.

Kojima has expressed interest in fusing the world of cinema with the interactive possibilities of video games. “In the next five years, the platform will be streaming,” Kojima said at a BAFTA panel. “Either it’s a movie or a game, both will remain—the cinema experience and the platform of games will remain. But the game, you could broadcast that right now, like esports that you see today. It’s a movie, but it’s a game, I’m thinking of that kind of idea, and I want to do that kind of thing.” Kojima Productions will be making films in the future, though Josh could have told you that. Death Stranding is crammed with cinematic references: Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, The Martian. The game’s visuals and its writing are jaw-dropping, but for very different ways in both regards. 

Death Stranding is out now on the PlayStation 4.