Hideo Kojima’s latest project got rejected, even after the success of Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s latest project got rejected, even after the success of Death Stranding
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Hideo Kojima, founder of Kojima Productions and director of Death Stranding, recently got a pitch for  a new project rejected (via Siliconera).

Expectedly, the auteur didn’t name names, but admitted that it is “something that happens often in this industry,” even to those who wrote Policenauts. The news comes from an interview with Livedoor News, where the status of Death Stranding and the future of Kojima Productions were discussed. With the former, sales are peachy for the studio. “We’ve already crossed the line where we’re not losing any money and, including the return of development costs, it’s a figure that I can say is a “success,” said Kojima. “We’ll be releasing the PC version of Death Stranding going forward, and we’ve secured as much profit as possible in preparation for what’s next, so don’t worry.”

And, what is “next”? Of course, he couldn’t say for certain, but he stated that there are “a lot of things moving under the surface.” There is a bigger game project in the pipeline, and Kojima has revealed that he’d like to create smaller, episodic games as well as big-budget affairs like Death Stranding. The director is also intrigued by the possibilities of streaming services, and would like to make movies and anime, too.  

Finally, Kojima laid the rumours that he had acquired the rights for Metal Gear Solid and P.T. from Konami to rest. “Ah yeah, those are completely fake,” he laughed. “At the very least, I haven’t heard of this at all.”

Death Stranding is available for PlayStation 4, and is in development for PC.