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Here’s why this year’s Need For Speed isn’t a new Underground

This year’s Need For Speed isn’t a new Underground game because it takes inspiration from multiple games in the series, executive producer Marcus Nilsson has said.

In fact, the game’s customisation options probably have more in common with Carbon than they do Underground, Nilsson says.

“The inspiration for the game doesn’t come from any particular [Need For Speed],” Nilsson told VideoGamer.com at Gamescom earlier today. “Yes, you have night time racing from Underground but you probably have more inspiration in the customisation from Carbon. The driving in this as well is inspired both from the more grippy games of Black Box to the drifty ones of Criterion and now we have a system which spans it all.

“So the inspiration for this is not from a single [Need For Speed], but there have been times when we’ve been making this game and referring to [it as] the next Underground or the next Most Wanted.”

As well as being inspired by older games in the series, Nilsson also expects some players to see elements of the franchise’s most recent entry, Need For Speed: Rivals, in there, too.

“When we presented this we probably – I don’t have the exact numbers but we get as many, ‘Oh yeah, it reminds me of Carbon, it reminds me of Most Wanted, it reminds me of Underground’,” he said. “And even after the behind closed doors today, I’m sure some people are going to say there’s a bit of Rivals in there as well. It really is for me to understand what the ground is [and] try to take the things that really work and get them into a very compelling core package. So that’s why I’d say there’s not a single one.

“And as we are thinking about this as a reboot I think it’s really appropriate to actually call it Need For Speed,” he continued. “This is the springboard now. I believe that the foundation of what we build this game on – the [inaudible], the deep customisation – I want people to understand that these are the elements, even though there’s going to be more experiences and new innovations, of what Need For Speed will be going forward.”

Need For Speed launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 5.


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