Here's the thing: Beyoncé: Two Souls probably isn't a real game, but it sure is fun watching its 'development' unfold on Twitter.

Announced earlier this week, Powernoia Games' intern Devin posted the first screenshot of Beyoncé doing her thang last night, and well... just take a look.

So what is Beyoncé: Two Souls? Truth is, nobody knows, but after being announced earlier in the week, Powernoia Games started advertising for interns to help finish the game ahead of its 'release' next month. The developer also claims to have earned $7 million in funding to get the game on its way.

Interestingly enough, a fair few Naughty Dog staffers were some of the first people to follow the 'developer's' Twitter account. Now, I'm not suggesting they have anything to do with it but... interesting, huh?

Is it a big wind up? Of course it is. But it's entertaining nonetheless.

Source: @PowernoiaGames