Xbox-exclusive Helljumpers could be competing with Helldivers 2 very soon

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The absence of Helldivers 2 on Xbox continues to be felt by its players, as Arrowhead Game Studios’ team-based shooter remains one of the year’s most popular games. However, that could soon change with the impending arrival of developer The Forge Falcons’ Xbox-exclusive Helljumpers.

Like Nostra Games’ Planet Divers, Helljumpers will be a Helldivers 2-inspired shoot ’em up. The main difference is that it will be created using Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode Creator, which The Forge Falcons initially announced back in February 2024 via X/Twitter.

Although its reveal didn’t include any in-game screenshots or trailers, it still predictably gained plenty of fanfare within the Xbox community since it’ll be the team’s “most ambitious project by far.” And if their previous creations, Halo Infinite’s Survive the Undead and Battle Royale, are anything to go by, the building hype surrounding Helljumpers becomes even more understandable.

Now, following months of radio silence, The Forge Falcons have finally provided an update regarding the game’s development. According to the team’s recent post on X, Helljumpers is currently undergoing playtesting, “and that is when we will be able to determine if the experience is up to our quality bar for release on the 28th.” “We have confidence it will, but if we need to delay it for a few more weeks, we will,” they added. “But currently, development is going extremely well.”

With this in mind, you’ll only need to wait a few more days to experience the Halo Infinite-based version of Helldivers 2. Even though there is a slight chance of its launch getting pushed back, everything seems to be going smoothly for The Forge Falcons’ process at this point. So, now that its potential release is closer than ever, get your Xbox ready and download Halo Infinite if you haven’t yet because it should be arriving on your console sooner rather than later.

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