Hell Let Loose
Ben Borthwick by on Sep 7, 2021

Hell Let Loose brings the WWII shooter to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 next month

Publisher Team 17 and developer Black Matter have announced 50v50 WWII shooter Hell Let Loose will launch on next-gen consoles this October.

Promising an “authentic and immersive front line experience” of the conflict, the game includes ten maps and two game modes, Offensive and Warfare. You’ll be able to choose from one of 14 playable roles, each with their own weapons and equipment. These are broken down into three roles: armour, infantry and recon and are led by officers and an overall commander.

Some of these roles include engineers, snipers, tank crewmen, medics and more. Rather than blindly shooting your foe, you’ll have to work together to take objectives and help the squad win the fight. Secure enough territory to reach the other team’s base, and it’s all over. The game originally launched in early access on PC back in 2019 and got its 1.0 launch this past July.

The game will also get an open beta, specifically on the PlayStation 5. Those on that console will get a taste of the action between September 16 and September 20. You’ll get to fight across the Hurtgen Forest map on Warfare mode ahead of the game’s launch proper. The game will also get a post-launch update this winter that will add new Eastern Front maps.

Check out a trailer for the game for yourself below. Hell Let Loose launches on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 —with support for cross-play— on October 5, 2021.


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Hell Let Loose

on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X
Hell Let Loose

Release Date:

05 October 2021