According to PlayGamer, the sequel to PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword is already in the works and will be revealed at this year's E3.

It has been reported that the game will be set ten years after the original, and take the form of an open-world sandbox. There's also the suggestion that the titular Heavenly sword won't appear from the beginning, and will have to be 'earned' by mastering lesser weapons first.

The UK magazine offers the comparison of 'God of War meets Skyrim', but there are no screens or media to back the speculation up. It's an alluring prospect, however.

If the rumours are true, we'll have to wait until E3 for any concrete information.

Via Gamers Corner

With Ninja Theory hard at work on Capcom's Devil May Cry reboot, it's possible the studio can find the resources for another project, but it's more plausible that Sony has handed the reins to another developer, but there's no information pointing to who.

There's nothing to back up the rumour whatsoever, but it seems about the right time for a Heavenly Sword sequel. Considering how many PS3 exclusives have just come out (Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3) or are on their way (inFamous 2, Resistance 3) - the E3 reveal makes sense; Sony is going to want an exclusive franchise or two up it's sleeve.

The bigger question is: which developer is behind the game? Whack your thoughts in the comments section below.