Blizzard’s Year of the Mammoth’ continues apace as its digital card game Hearthstone’s latest expansion is released. Knights of the Frozen Throne comes with 135 new cards and some free solo content for players to have a dabble with. There are also some new game mechanics to shake up how the game is played competitively. If you log in now you can get three free packs. Winner!

One of the new mechanics, Lifesteal, does exactly what you’d expect: as damage is dealt to other cards it will boost the life of your hero. Hero Cards are another new addition that alter your hero’s appearance and power. These cards will change the player’s hero into a death knight with undead abilities in line with the Knights theme of the expansion.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion revives a popular game mode, in spirit at least. Missions replaces the single-player Adventure mode, which allows players to gain free cards for completing solo quests. Players will be awarded a random legendary Hero Card for finishing the prologue.

With the implementation of these new changes aimed at keeping the Hearthstone experience fresh, I suppose it’s time for you to shuffle your digital pack and get ready to deck the opposition once more. I just feel sorry for the completionists out there. Hearthstone sure is one expensive hobby.