2017 marks the start of new Hearthstone Year: The Year of the Mammoth, with Blizzard deciding to change the way it handles card expansion packs.

Rather than alternate between a release cycle of Expansions and Adventures, Year of the Mammoth will include three separate card expansions launching at the start of the year, the middle and the end.

"At their core, Adventures paint colourful and thematic stories about the Hearthstone universe. Imagine being able to learn about the history and lore behind each of our sets inside the game in a similar way! Defining who the Jade Lotus are through a series of battles between the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan families would have been a great way to supplement the overall Gadgetzan story arc. That concept is something we would like to do more of in future sets: Take the storytelling and cool missions of Adventures, and combine them with the card pools of expansions," explains Blizzard on the reasons for the change.

"Cards will be acquired via packs like other expansions in the past; additionally, each release will include optional single-player missions that will help develop the expansions’ thematic narratives and offer fun challenges," adds Blizzard.

There's no word on when the first card expansion pack will launch. Blizzard notes that it will release info on the planned free single player content at a later date.

Source: Blizzard

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