Nintendo has confirmed the March 14, 2008 release of Rising Star Games' Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for Wii.

The goal in Harvest Moon is to create the best farm in the valley, with players able to spend their time working the land, going shopping for seeds and nurturing and harvesting crops. All this will enable virtual farmers to earn money that can be used to purchase animals like cows, chickens and sheep which in turn allow the player to produce milk, eggs and wool.

After a hard day at work players can relax by exploring the countryside, going fishing, mining a mysterious cave and searching for animals.

In addition to harvesting the best crops players will also be able to customise their home and purchase new farming equipment. Make daily work easier by buying upgrades for tools, or expand your farm and become a property tycoon.

In addition to the game's single-player mode players can also challenge friends to mini-games, including horse racing, swimming and fishing.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody looks perfect for the Wii casual gamer and you can expect to read our views on the title in March.