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Harry Potter action-RPG is still in development at Avalanche Software, claims report

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Avalanche Software’s AAA project will be announced “soon,” and people are thinking it’s that Harry Potter ARPG which was leaked in 2018 (via WccfTech).

The developer is known for a collection of Disney games like Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, and the Disney Infinity series. In 2017, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment acquired the studio, which had been shut down by Disney, and began a new project using Avalanche Software’s own Octane engine. After the release of Cars 3: Driven to Win, the studio had been quite quiet. But, Avalanche Software is busy, because it is seeking a lighting technical artist “to work closely with a talented group of artists and engineers on an exciting, soon to be announced AAA title.”

People are theorising that the new game is the Harry Potter ARPG—allegedly titled “Harry Potter Magic Awakened”—that was leaked in 2018. Footage from a focus test depicted Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 19th century, and offered an open-world to explore as well as the iconic building and grounds. As a fifth-year Hogwarts student, players would be able to select one of eight wizard types, their house, and whether they’ll be a goodie or a baddie. They would work with Professor Elezar Fig to investigate odd occurrences in the Forbidden Forest, while becoming stronger and more proficient in their magic style. Imaginably, the story is totally separate from the books and movies, so the game could take players to all-new locations in the Wizarding World. 

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Avalanche Software or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and this is only conjecture at the moment. We’ll keep you in the loop once we know more.