Dance Central developer Harmonix remains open to the idea of making non-musical motion control games, the company CEO has said.

"I think we're always open-minded about new opportunities," said Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos, speaking to Joystiq in Tokyo this week.

"Certainly our focus always has been and probably always will be on music-themed games," said Rigopulos, before adding that Dance Central had refreshed the studio's interest in motion control games. "A perfect example is the Kinect, which I think that through our work on Dance Central we've developed an affinity for - towards motion gaming."

He added: "It wouldn't be surprising if in the future we took some steps outside of our wheelhouse in music to try some new things in non-music focused motion gaming."

As the creator of both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Harmonix was a pioneer in the music-rhythm genre. Earlier this year the developer released another musical title, Vidrhythm, for iOS.

Rigopulos hints that the game may eventually arrive on other platforms.

"Of course our hope is to keep improving it and expanding it, including bringing it to other platforms, such as possibly Kinect," he said.