Harmonix, which only last week successfully funded an Amplitude remake on PS3 and PS4, has confirmed that 37 staff have been laid off.

Furthermore, CEO Alex Rigopulos is stepping down to to be replaced by former head of publishing and business operations, Steve Janiak. Rigopulos will continue as a member of the management team.

"Harmonix is in the process of restructuring our organisation to bring it into alignment with our current and future product development plans. Unfortunately, this means making the difficult decision to reduce the number of full-time staff," Harmonix told Eurogamer. "We sincerely appreciate the work of each and every one of these employees. Harmonix is working to ensure that those affected are well taken care of as we make this change."

Development of Fantasia Music Evolved, Amplitude, Record Run and Chroma are said to be unaffected by the studio restructuring, though an internal testing document obtained by Kotaku suggests the music-based FPS is to be reworked.

"We think there are some very successful mechanics and systems in the existing build," the message read. "The team has, in fact, already started prototyping new directions for the game based on those successful mechanics. We look forward to sharing more with you down the line, as Chroma evolves in new directions."

Source: Eurogamer, Kotaku