Harmonix is developing a combat game targeted at next-generation consoles, according to a new job listing for the developer.

Posted on Gamasutra, the job ad calls for a combat designer to "create real-time, single-player combat experiences for a brand new IP on next-generation hardware.

"This is an exciting opportunity to contribute creatively to the studio and work on a project that is unlike anything Harmonix has ever done before," the listing reads.

A combat title would be a radical sidestep for the studio, which has previously specialised in music games.

Harmonix previously created the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, before focusing on Dance Central for Kinect.

In a statement to Kotaku, Harmonix's director of communications John Drake said:

"In addition to finishing development on Rock Band Blitz and Dance Central 3, Harmonix is actively developing multiple new IPs on next generation hardware. We're looking for the best and most experienced devs out there to join us.

"tl;dr Harmonix is making new kickass IPs, some portion of which may have some combat."

Harmonix was famously sold by owner Viacom for $50 in early 2011. The firm now operates as an independent developer.