Mike Harradence by on Jul 19, 2018

Hangar 13 confirms it’s working on a ‘surprising’ new IP

Speaking during an interview with Fandom (via PST), Hangar 13's Vice President of Development Andy Wilson confirmed the studio is busy beavering away on a brand new project.

Perhaps surprisingly, Wilson confirmed that the company is not making another entry in the mobster action franchise, but rather, a 'surprising' new IP.

While details are still thin on the ground, he did rule out a battle royale title: 'That's not what we're really about,' said Wilson.

'[While] narrative is sort of a central pillar of our studio, I think you can expect us to not necessarily be in the same genre [as Mafia III]. Maybe it will be single player, maybe it won’t…' he continued. 'The project we’re working on right now is something that I think is incredibly unique, but also something that I think is going to appeal to a hell of a lot of people.'

Wilson teased: 'It’s going to be a while before we come back and announce anything, but when we do, I think it’s going to surprise people in a very positive way.'

Hangar 13's new project will be published by 2K, although nothing else is known about it at present. 

The studio recently revealed that it had a controversial opening planned for Mafia III, but ultimately scrubbed it from existence. 


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