James Orry by on Mar 19, 2009

Halo Wars sales top one million

Microsoft has today announced that sales of Halo Wars have reached more than one million units worldwide, becoming the best-selling RTS game on any current generation console.

To date there have more than 2.6 million multiplayer matches played, equating to more than 118 years of time spent in heated battles. On average more than 200,000 Halo Wars fans have taken up arms in battle between the UNSC and Covenant each day. You’ll find more of these stats over on Halowars.com.

Microsoft notes that this is just the beginning for Halo Wars. The platform holder is working closely with the newly formed Robot Entertainment (comprised of Halo Wars and Age of Empires veterans from Ensemble) preparing new Halo Wars content.


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Halo Wars

on Xbox 360

RTS set in the Halo universe, developed by RTS veterans Ensemble Studios.

Release Date:

27 February 2009