Those interested in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's revamped multiplayer maps but not the whole retail package will be able to buy the maps as a bundle for Halo: Reach from next week.

The pack will set you back 1200 Microsoft Points and includes six multiplayer stages - Battle Canyon, Breakneck, High Noon, Penance, Ridgeline, Solitary - alongside the Installation 04 Firefight map.

The multiplayer maps are remade versions of Halo classics Beaver Creek, Headlong, Hang 'Em High, Damnation, Timberland, and Prisoner respectively, and retro variants will also be included in the playlists.

Playlists will go live on November 14, one day before the 10 year anniversary of the series. As detailed on Halo Waypoint, there will be five to choose from: Anniversary Squad, Anniversary BTB, Anniversary FFA, Anniversary Classic, and Anniversary Firefight.

There are also slight changes to the game itself: "Anniversary Classic game types have the following settings: no Armor Abilities, Anniversary Pistol (pistol traits have been modified to replicate CE behaviour), one Frag Grenade upon loadout, player speed increased, gravity increased, jump height increased, shield and health recharge rates increased, and melee damage reduced. Please note that the standard TU changes also apply to Anniversary Classic game types."