The original Xbox LIVE service was shut down around two weeks ago, but some hardcore Halo 2 players have been able to keep playing.

They haven't hacked the game in any way, but have simply refused to disconnect. By remaining online they've managed to prolong their time with the game.

"We will keep playing until we are all forcibly removed," wrote Joe Campbell, who started a thread on the Halo 2 tribute on the Bungie forums. "It could be by Microsoft, Bungie, our Xbox's overheating, or just lagging out. Not for competition, not for a prize, but for the love, and memory of Halo 2.

"I want to thank everyone that I've played with in the past few days, this is by far my favourite memory in all my gaming history."

The 14 remaining players are: Agent Windex, APACHE N4SIR, sherlok 1, SieferSword, Rob2D, Detenn, z0mbie stench, Lord Odysseus11, xxMAKDADYxx, H2o Shoagie, xxBooker Dxx, DirtyCajun, AForeignObject and HiredN00bs.

Via Kotaku