Valve has announced that the third round of Steam for Mac launch titles are available now, including the Half-Life 2 series of games and Eve Online: Tyranis.

Eve Online: Tyranis is the first day-and-date release for the Mac and PC.

The Mac release of the Half-Life 2 titles have also seen several improvements and additions (also added to the PC versions). HL2 and Episode One have been updated to include over 40 new Steam Achievements - 32 for Half-Life 2 and 13 for Episode One. The games have also been updated to feature improved graphical effects

In addition, the Half-Life 2 titles now feature cross-platform support for Steam Cloud, allowing players to save their game progress on one computer, then seamlessly resume from that save point on another computer (Mac or PC).

In celebration of the launch on Mac, all Half-Life 2 games are available for 30 per cent off their regular price.