Today, from 6pm GMT, gamers have been able to buy the ludicrously anticipated PC game, Half-Life 2, as Valve have made pre-release sales available for those eager to get it on the morning of release, and has given them the added bonus of immediate access to the remake of the enormously popular online shooter, Counter-Strike, the imaginatively named Counter-Strike: Source. The update has been receiving a mostly positive reception in it's beta form, which was released to a salivating audience in mid-August of this year.

The online prices have been announced as follows:

Bronze: US$49.95

Silver: US$59.95

Gold: US$89.95

Details of what these packages contain is available here.

It is obvious that by offering bonuses for purchasing online, and immediate access to Counter-Strike: Source (which, thanks to Valve's innovative pre-loading system, is already residing on the hard drives of most Steam users), Valve is hoping to encourage more gamers to choose the online distribution option over the retail option, due to the obvious advantage of all profits going to Valve themselves, and not to the retailers and the game's publishers, Vivendi Universal. Look for more on the game as it's late November release approaches.

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