Activision Blizzard has confirmed that this autumn will see the release of Guitar Hero 6, followed by the next entry in the DJ Hero franchise.

"Guitar Hero remains the leader in the [music] category, with more than $44 million games sold as of to date. This fall, we expect to launch Guitar Hero 6 and soon after we expect to launch the next DJ Hero," said COO and CFO, Thomas Tippl during the publisher's Q1 earnings call. "This year, we've added more great original music, new and innovative gameplay modes and a significantly enhanced social gameplay experience. We expect to follow each release with a full-line up of exciting downloadable content."

Tippl also acknowledged that the music category will continue to shrink in 2010 as a result of a move from the "sell-through of higher-priced peripherals" to a "higher percentage of software sales".

Via SeekingAlpha