The Wardrobe system is the second new Guild Wars 2 feature to be revealed as part of the April 2014 Feature Pack, NCSoft and ArenaNet have announced.

Players may currently find the character customisation options to be a little bewildering, which includes options for vanity skins, gear with specific stats and all kinds of armour and weapons. ArenaNet has spotted that players needed a little help so will be rolling out the Wardrobe, which promises to make it easy to customise your look at any time and to share cosmetic items across all the characters on your account.

When you log in after the April 15 release, you'll see some big changes. In your Hero Panel you'll spot the new Wardrobe tab which is home to the game's simplified transmutation system.

From the Wardrobe users can select skins to apply to your weapons and armour to update your look without losing stats. You'll be able to preview your look and only apply the changes to your in-game character once you're satisfied.

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Source: Press release