The Guild Wars 2 April 2014 Feature Pack will release on April 15, NCSoft and ArenaNet have announced.

The Feature Pack is the first ever Guild Wars 2 release that is focused exclusively on bringing new updates to in-game features. The focus on features "sets the stage for new content designed to upgrade the experience in a wide variety of areas," says ArenaNet.

The publisher will reveal everything players can expect in the pack between now and the launch via a series of videos, live streams, blogs and articles.

To get things going ArenaNet today detailed an overhaul of the trait system in Guild Wars 2, including 40 brand new traits, a simplified UI, and new horizontal progression opportunities for players. Further details can be found in a traits blog post on

The schedule of announcements can be seen below:

21st Mar The Art of Combat

21st Mar Critical!

24th Mar A New Way to Explore the Looks of Guild Wars 2

24th Mar A Colourful Outlook

26th Mar Looking For Group?

27th Mar Removing Restrictions

27th Mar Account-Bound

28th Mar A Solid Foundation

2nd Apr Facilitating Friendly Play

3rd Apr Facilitating Friendly Play: Part Two

4th Apr Facilitating Friendly Play: Part Three

Source: Press release