Guerrilla Games is developing multiple new features for Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode, including in-game voice chat, a new ranking system and clan support.

The upcoming changes were discussed on the game's website, along with ideas currently under consideration based on player feedback.

"In game voice chat is currently in development," said the developer, who added that it hopes to include the feature in a title update this month. "While the game was setup to allow users to speak with the parties they created and people they trust, you have indicated this does make teamwork among strangers more difficult. As team based gameplay is our main focus, we are currently working on this feature as a top priority."

It is also designing a new ranking system, although a time frame for the feature has not been revealed.

"Instead of an XP system, we currently add skill-based ranks based on the challenges you have completed," Guerrilla said. "As the community has indicated it really would like to see a ranking system that also would show their progress as a player, we are currently designing a ranking system that celebrates this challenge progress and assigns players with rank names and accompanying icons."

The full list of features in development or under consideration include:

  • In-game voice chat (in development)
  • Killzone 2-style proximity chat (not at the moment)
  • Ranking system (in design)
  • Clan system (in design)
  • Player scorecard split into teams (under consideration)
  • Customised multiplayer announcements (not yet)
  • Hip firing (under investigation)
  • Overpowered drones (under investigation)
  • In-game party system (under consideration)
  • Sniper-friendly map (coming soon)
  • Ammo supply boxes showing up on the mini-map (coming soon)
  • Official Classic 24 player Warzone (currently live)
  • Display K/D ratio for everyone (not at the moment)
  • Co-op mode to have playable Helghast (not at the moment)
  • Being able to identify my party members (in design)

Killzone: Shadow Fall launched alongside PS4 last Friday and proved popular with fans, going on to become the console's top-selling exclusive.