Grand Theft Auto 5 is being built on a new engine developed specifically for the upcoming open worlder, Rockstar Games has revealed.

"The scale of GTA is very different to LA Noire and even to RDR, so managing the team and keeping a clear creative direction becomes more difficult," Rockstar North boss Leslie Benzies told IGN.

"We had a lot of the North team working on RDR and LA Noire, which allowed us to gain experience of other projects and how to solve problems and use them within the new game engine we've created for V."

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has previously discussed the benefits the new engine brings to GTA 5.

The engine now allows for a much greater draw distance over previous GTAs, letting Rockstar "render the most distant mountains at the other end of the world many, many miles away", with further advances made to the lighting and shader model.

It's not known whether GTA 5's "new engine" is an updated version of Rockstar's RAGE, which was used to develop GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, or an entirely new engine.

GTA 5's second trailer is expected to go live at 4pm GMT today.

Source: IGN