GTA Online's free High Life Update is available to download now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rockstar has confirmed.

The update introduces a range of new content to the online multiplayer game, including four new vehicles, a new Bullpup Rifle, new clothing, brand new properties, and new Rockstar-created Jobs.

It also lets GTA Online players purchase 10 vehicles previously only avaialable in GTA 5's Story Mode, including the Bravado Banshee Topless and Ubermacht Sentinel XS, and doubles the amount of properties players can own to 2.

A variety of bugs have been fixed too, including an exploit where players were able to shoot inside their garages, and an issue with players being unable to reclaim an insured vehicle.

To download the pack, just boot up GTA 5 and accept the automatic update.

Source: Rockstar Press Release