UPDATE: Rockstar has released 'Beach Weather', the second piece of artwork officially released for GTA 5. Go and take a look at her iFruit at the bottom of the page.

ORIGINAL: New artwork for Grand Theft Auto 5 has surfaced, this time showing a man equipped with a sniper rifle riding an ATV. As you do.

The artwork - which you can take a look at below - was spotted by AllGamesBeta ahead of GTA 5's pre-order announcement, which Rockstar is expected to discuss later today.

The cat may already be out of the bag, though. Last week, retailers revealed that they had already received pre-order items for GTA 5, including a double-sided poster and collectible Los Santos photo viewers.

GTA 5 launches in spring 2013. Last week, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick teased that Rockstar had "a lot of interesting stuff" lined up for the game's DLC.



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Source: AllGamesBeta, Rockstar Games