Grand Theft Auto 5's delay is a "positive" thing for GRID 2, Codemasters has told, who had been set to go head-to-head with Rockstar's blockbuster this May.

Speaking on the subject of GTA 5's delay last week, GRID 2 producer Vincent Muelle told us, "Yeah, in some ways for us I suppose it's positive."

Comments from Rockstar suggest that GTA 5 had been due to launch in May, the same month GRID 2 goes on sale, but was pushed back to September for further polish.

However, Muelle adds that Codemasters was "not especially worried" about GTA 5's original release window due to the past performance of its racing series.

"GTA and GRID are two different types of game," Muelle continued, "and if you look at GRID 1, it actually came out the same week as GTA IV and it did really well. So that's why we were not especially worried at the time that GTA was coming in the same month, due to the performance of GRID 1."

Muelle's got his dates a little confused, of course: The original GRID didn't launch until four weeks after the release of GTA 4. But nonetheless, the game proved to be a success, debuting in the UK Charts at no. 2, one position behind GTA 4.

Will GTA 5's delay provide GRID 2 the opportunity to go one step further than its predecessor? That'll likely depend on how well the game's single-player narrative goes down with critics and consumers.

GRID 2 releases on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on May 31.


Source: Interview