Both the original Grand Theft Auto and its sequel Grand Theft Auto 2 will be released for PS3, PS Vita and PSP, a listing by the ESRB has revealed.

The games' appearance on all PlayStation platforms suggests the games will be made available on PSN as part of the PSone Classics range.

The original GTA launched on PlayStation in December 1997, followed by GTA London expansions in April 1999, and Grand Theft Auto 2 in October 1999.

There's no indication if the PSN release of GTA will also include GTA London.

A re-release for the classic GTAs would make sense in the run up to the September 17 launch of GTA 5.

PC gamers should note that GTA and GTA 2 can be downloaded for free - alongside Wild Metal - directly from Rockstar Games.

Source: ESRB via NeoGAF