Strikes affecting Greek's "legal apparatus" are delaying the "processing and release" of two Bohemia Interactive developers arrested on suspicion of espionage last month.

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar were arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos 32 days ago on suspicion of spying, after it was alleged that they entered and gathered photographic evidence of a Greek military installation.

But an update from the company today suggests that the case has been delayed due to strike action, and that videos allegedly showing shots of "Limnos Military objects" are already publicly available online.

"The following videos depict Limnos Military objects, much more specifically, and in much greater volume and detail, than the 14 frames of video, Ivan and Martin supposedly had in their possession," claimed Bohemia spokesperson Ota Vr''tko.

"It is sad, and at the same time ridiculous, that our two dear friends are being detained for what appears to be nothing in comparison to these videos. It seems to be very hard to determine what is allowed to be filmed, and what isn't, especially with the clear public exposure of these military objects, very close to public areas."

"It is even worse that the Limnos legal apparatus is on a strike, further delaying processing and release of Ivan and Martin!"