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Grand Theft Auto V details graphics modes and save transfers for Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 release

Grand Theft Auto V
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Rockstar has detailed the improvements coming to the new-gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V when they arrive later this month.

The latest versions of the 2013 game will arrive on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on March 15. Depending on your console of choice, you’ll get to pick from one of three potential graphics modes. First off, Fidelity Mode will target the game’s “highest visual quality” at a framerate of 30FPS. On the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, this will mean a native 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled. The Series S version of the mode eschews the ray tracing, but supports an upscaled 4K resolution.

Next up, Performance Mode promises silky-smooth gameplay at the expense of an upscaled (rather than native) 4K resolution on Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5, and at 1080p on Xbox Series S. Finally, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles get their exclusive Performance RT mode, which blends the two by offering upscaled 4K with ray tracing enabled and targeting 60FPS.

There’s also some console-specific enhancements, namely Haptic Feedback and dynamic resistance using the Adapative Triggers on the PlayStation 5 DualSense. There’s also Tempest 3D positional audio on the PS5, and Spatial Sound support on the Xbox Series X|S.

Rockstar close the blog by detailing Grand Theft Auto V‘s save transfers. Players will be able to upload their Story Mode progress from today. You’ll be able to upload your save to the Rockstar Social Club for 90 days, but be aware you can only do it within the same console family. You’ll also be able to download your Grand Theft Auto: Online progress when Grand Theft Auto V launches on the new platforms on March 15. You can find more details on the Rockstar Newswire post.


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