Gran Turismo 6 continues to flounder in the shadow of Gran Turismo 5, this time in Japan where the game launched with sales of only 204,784 units. Gran Turismo 5 sold 430,707 units back in November 2010.

Remember, too, that Japan has yet to receive the next generation consoles - the PS4 doesn't launch until February 22 - but consumers are clearly already anticipating its arrival.

Elsewhere Super Mario 3D World drops to No.7 with 43,844 units sold, bringing its Japanese sales total to 183,345 units.

Wii U hardware, however, continues to climb with sales up to 48,762 units for the week ending December 8. This makes the Wii U the second best-selling platform of the week, behind the 3DS' dominating total of 125,269 units.

Some of the Wii U's new-found success can be attributed to the launch of Dragon Quest X which sold 70,648 units.

Source: Media Create via NeoGAF