The latest title update for Gran Turismo 6 boosts the amount of credits earned during Career Mode - likely in response to the controversy caused by the game's microtransactions.

While the exact credit boost hasn't been clarified by Sony, a Eurogamer report claims that credits earned during early races are boosted by 110 per cent, and those in later races by 170 per cent.

In addition, players can now also earn further credit boosts by playing the game on a daily basis while connected to PSN, with up to a 200 per cent credit boost offered for logging in for five consecutive days. "Be sure to login everyday to earn more credits," says Sony.

Two new Seasonal Events have been added, too, running between December 20-January 17 and January 2-January 30 respectively. The events are said to "mark the season holidays and the new year" and will feature "special bonus credits".

Entry requirements for Season Events have also been lowered, with players now only requiring a National B licence to participate.

Gran Turismo 6 launched exclusively on PlayStation 3 earlier this month.

Source: Sony Press Release,