Majesco has announced that the Climax Group are working on a game based on the hit 70's comic, Ghost Rider. The game is scheduled to tie-in with the release of the new Ghost Rider movie, staring Nicholas Cage, in the summer of 2006. For those not familiar with Ghost Rider, myself included, the story goes something like this: Stunt rider, Johnny Blaze, makes a deal with a Satan-like being in order to save the life of his cancer stricken father. This deal is not free, however, as Johnny must now spend his nights, torched skull included, fighting the forces of evil. Sounds great.

"Given its unique mix of motorcycle combat, supernatural themes and popular Marvel characters, Ghost Rider is the perfect property to translate into a video game," said Jesse Sutton, President of Majesco.

The game is shaping up to be an action based motorcycle game (who would have guessed) and the story for the game is to be penned by comic authors Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti. Ghost Rider has been announced for PS2, Xbox and PSP.