Sony’s latest State of Play gave us a good look at Ghost of Tsushima, and it showed that there’s something for everyone, from stealthy combat to  Sunday best (via DualShockers).

First things first, Sucker Punch showed off the gorgeous and grim world of Ghost of Tsushima. Smoke trails into the air like ink, and the grasses sway delicately with the direction of the Guiding Wind. This mechanic, activated every so often, tells the player which way to go without the clutter of a waypoint. It’s a stylish approach, and contrasts with the modern UI of the map. 

Birds will fly low close to the hero Jin, and will guide him to points of interest dotted around the world. Foxes bring the player to ancient shrines, and praying at these places will let Jin gain new skill slots. And, you can pet the fox. The world of Ghost of Tsushima appears to be a completionist’s dream, with a reward for curious cats in every nook and corner. 

Then, Jin’s abilities were appraised. There are two available styles: brazen sword fighting, and stealthy approaches with fear tactics. The former requires different stances to gain the upper hand, and dynamic parries and slashes look exceptionally satisfying. On the other hand, “ghostly” combat gives Jin throwables to distract enemies and dispatch them silently. If you were disappointed that the new Assassin’s Creed game wasn’t set in Japan after all, why not pick up Ghost of Tsushima instead? 

To conclude the stream, Sucker Punch showed off the clothing and gear on offer for Jin. Each of these elements aren’t just about looking his best, though that is a major part of the choice. These have their own attributes to ameliorate the player’s own approach to Ghost of Tsushima. Charms will also provide extras, like slow health regeneration, poisoned throwables, and more. 

Ghost of Tsushima comes to the PlayStation 4 on June 26, 2020. Watch the gameplay showcase below. 


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