Developed by Artificial Studios, CellFactor is a heavily physics-based first-person shooter and one of the first titles to fully utilise the AGEIA PhysX Processor. The game is now available to download for free and challenges gamers to complete a gruelling five-level game, or battle against other players.

"CellFactor: Revolution is a new kind of competitive first person shooter, which emphasizes massive physical interactivity to take down your opponents. I'm very excited that gamers can now experience this intense action whether it's at a LAN party, fighting AI bots or designing new environments with the modding tools," said Jeremy Stieglitz, president of Artificial Studios.

CellFactor is compatible with PCs without a PhysX Processor, but in order to open the entire game you'll need to be running a PC with one of AGEIA's cards installed. If the game detects a PhysX card then players will be able to play through an additional three extreme PhysX levels.

"The sheer entertainment value of PhysX in CellFactor: Revolution cannot be overstated," said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA Technologies, Inc. "We're honored to work with cutting-edge development teams who have used PhysX technology as the backbone for this fun and original experience, now available for the masses."

For more information head over to the game's official website.