According to IGN, Epic Games will introduce a Kinect-enabled Gears of War game at the Spike TV Video Game Awards (VGAs) next month.

A "reliable source" told IGN that some big action games, including new games for Kinect, will be unveiled during the VGAs, the headline game being Gears of War for Kinect from Epic Games.

IGN was unable to get clarification on whether the game is an all-new entry in the franchise or an existing game retrofitted with motion controls.

Microsoft told IGN it "can't comment on rumour or speculation", while Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski posted on Twitter that there will be "no Kinect in Gears of War 3".

We're not convinced that existing games in the Gears of War series lend themselves to motion controls, but we'd like to see Epic have a shot at making it work.

It's been said that retrofitting Kinect will be problematic because of the Kinect processing overhead, but this might not be a massive problem for earlier Gears of War titles.

Speaking to earlier this year, Bleszinski revealed that optimisations made since the release of Gears of War meant they could now run a Gears of War test level at 500 frames per second.