Eden Games and Microïds have announced 16 more luxury and sporty cars, which will be added to the car lineup for the upcoming Nintendo Switch racing game Gear.Club Unlimited. These additions have expanded the total roster to a rather paltry 32. I guess you could say the only thing that’s limited is the number of cars in the game.

Gear.Club Unlimited will be the first realism focused racing game to be released for the Switch platform when it comes out at the beginning of December. The lack of cars aside, there should be plenty to do in the game.

There are over 400 races to get stuck into across three different game modes, such as the standard racing Derby mode, Rally mode (which is a drift-focused 4-car race) and a Time Trial mode. Every race and championship a player completes will unlock rewards, and new cars. Players will be able to optimise and upgrade their cars in the performance workshop, in order to get the most out of their tyre spinning beasts. It’d be nice if they could add a few more cars to the game. In this day and age many racing games have at least 100+ cars to choose from. Heck, even Gran Turismo on the PSP had over 800+ cars.Gear.Club Unlimited will be released on the Nintendo Switch on December 1.

The additional 16 cars are as follows:

  • Acura NSX 2016
  • Bentley Continental GT V8 S
  • BMW Z4 Roadster
  • BMW M2 Coupé
  • BMW M4 Coupé
  • BMW M6 Coupé
  • Ford Mustang GT 2015
  • Focus RS 2016
  • Lotus Elise 220 Cup
  • Lotus Exige S
  • Lotus Evora 400
  • McLaren 570S
  • McLaren 12C
  • McLaren 675LT
  • McLaren P1
  • Nissan GTR Nismo
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