by on Mar 1, 2019

Gearbox set to chat Borderlands at upcoming PAX East panel

In a month's time, at PAX East, Gearbox is hosting a panel where it's set to provide 'the latest news and updates' on what's happening at the company.

The full panel description reads, 'This is your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Gearbox Software and Gearbox Publishing, along with the latest news and updates from the makers of Borderlands, Battleborn, Brothers in Arms, and more!  We will have never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises, so don’t miss out!'

Now, as you can only imagine, this has many thinking we're going to be hearing about Borderlands 3, and to be fair, the show blurb does mention the popular looter-shooter. But I couldn't help but notice that Battleborn is mentioned, too. I can't begin to tell you how happy it would make to discover that this will be an hour long chat on the future of the lacklustre hero shooter. The world needs to know when Battleborn 2 is scheduled to launch, dammit!

Or Borderlands 3, sure.

Before this, the latest news to come out of Gearbox revolved around a USB stick found at that restaurant from The Cable Guy, as well as the claim that a large sum of money found its way into CEO Randy Pitchford's bank account

An big proper reveal of a new cel-shaded FPS is probably what the folks in Frisco, Texas, need at the minute.


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Borderlands 2

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