Gearbox dev reveals Sony doesn’t force Trophy support

Gearbox dev reveals Sony doesn’t force Trophy support
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Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has revealed to that there is no requirement from Sony to support the PS3’s recently implemented Trophy system.

However, he said that Gearbox will support them. The developer currently has three high profile multiplatform first-person shooters coming out this year and in 2009 – Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands.

When asked what he thought of PS3 Trophies, Pitchford replied: “That’s pretty interesting. I want to play with it first. I think it’s a cool thing. I’m addicted to achievement points on the Xbox 360 so I understand a part of what that’s about. I actually have over 71,000 gamer points.

“I hope that works correctly to help create some other incentives to explore games and to play more games on the PS3, because I love the PlayStation 3 platform. But I’m curious about the implementation of it. We’re just starting to explore what they’re offering there.”

Sony recently added Trophies, the PS3’s answer to the Xbox 360’s Achievement system, in a downloadable update to its firmware. Currently only Super Stardust HD supports trophies, but many upcoming high profile games, including Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, will also support the system when they are released.

Pitchford added: “We will support it because we think it’s cool and we think what Sony’s doing is cool. We want to be part of that. But there’s not like a requirement or anything. They (Sony) are pretty cool about it. I’d like to see what happens, but we haven’t designed them yet or figured out what they’re going to be.”

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