You may remember a couple of weeks ago our Colm reporting on the news that Borderlands developer Gearbox was set to host a developer panel at the PAX East event. A new tweet last night from the studio now seems to all but confirm we'll be seeing Borderlands 3 at the show.

The tweet, embedded below, shows a distinct looking road sign to Boston (where PAX East takes place) with March 28 emblazened on it, the date of said panel and a cheeky little '3' as the marking of the exit junction in the corner. Finally, the picture is captioned with the Eyes emoji as is I believe how the common modern way of saying to watch out for this.

 Excited for a new entry in the loot-em-shooter? What do you want to see from Borderlands 3? Are you still as hopeful for a Battleborn 2 as Colm is? Why not shout about it in our forums? 

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