Since its November release in Japan and December release in North America Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories has now sold over 1 million units in total between the 2 major gaming territories.

"We are thrilled with the strong sales of our newest collaborative project," said Yoichi Wada, president of SquareEnix, "And, we are extremely pleased that GBA players and Kingdom Hearts fans have embraced this title. We will continue to strive toward polymorphic content in other projects that take place across platforms and hope that they will be as warmly received."

There once was a time when any Square, or indeed Enix, game would be expected to sell a million units within a few weeks of sale in Japan alone (the original Kingdom Hearts has sold 4 million units to date) - despite this, the figure is sure to please those at the RPG giant and bodes well for the success of the upcoming PS2 sequel Kingdom Hearts 2.

In the action/RPG game players once again take on the role of Sora - the game picks up after the end of the first title and is designed as a sort of stop-gap untill the release of the actual sequel.

Gamers in Europe can expect to get their hands of Chain of Memories on 25 February, while Kingdom Hearts 2 is still TBA.