Games like Cookie Run Kingdom – Other RPG city building & battle simulators

Games like Cookie Run Kingdom – Other RPG city building & battle simulators
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Cookie Run Kingdom has found fame for its unique take on the genre. As such a large growing fanbase, fans of Cookie Run Kingdom might want to try if you’re looking for more RPGs in this vein.

After Genshin Impact‘s release, it really knocked loose the potential of titles like Cookie Run Kingdom to perform in their own right.

The variety of games that share Cookie Run Kingdom’s qualities is vast. A long string of similar games has appeared on both the Playstore and the App Store, but players need not waste time sorting through the hundreds of games. But we’ve sifted through them to find the best of the best.

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Take a concept like a RPG & city-building game, then add in the battle simulator element. You’ve got yourself an interesting mix of strategy and creativity to be getting along with. Here’s what we’d consider to be the top 5 games that emulate that.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is an anime-style fantasy action RPG developed by Cygames, who are no strangers to the genre. If you’re looking for an even more action-packed RPG like Cookie Run Kingdom, Dragalia Lost is the one for you.

Dragalia Lost has two different game play styles: as Euden, players will fight their way through levels, collecting treasure and using dragon transformations to blast at enemies. Then, after you’ve completed a level, you’re free to return to the kingdom of Alberia and build up the castle. If you haven’t guessed by now, this is where the element which Dragalia Lost and Cookie Run: Kingdom can be compared.

If you’re looking for a more action-oriented style of gameplay to that of games like Cookie Run Kingdom, this is the perfect choice!

Adventure Capitalist

In a different turn to Dragalia Lost, if you’re more interested in the strategy side of the coin in Cookie Run Kingdom, this is the game for you.

Hyper Hippo Productions have nigh on perfected the genre of strategic development. Start off with a lemonade stand, and grow your business exponentially from there! Generate enough revenue and build from there, it’s as simple as that.

With real-world economic concepts about trading and investing, this game is highly suited to those who were keen on the growth and development of settlements in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

Of course, we couldn’t get very far on a list without mentioning others of the Cookie Run titles. In comes Cookie Run: Ovenbreak for the sequel of Cookie Run (2009).

As an endless runner to compete mechanically with Kingdom, you’ll see all your favourite cookies break out and try and escape the kitchen. Run, jump, slide through the kitchen and collect treasures you may find for upgrades and prizes.

As well as the same characters, players will immediately recognise the rewarding elements of Cookie Run Kingdom’s progression system. Run, earn resources, and gain new Cookies to run with. Unlock new abilities and upgrades. Same fun, same challenge, same Cookies, different game!


Released a year before Cookie Run Kingdom, some might even call Arknights the prototype to this style of gameplay. Tower defense and city builder, Arknights is a strong contender for the best games that resemble elements of Cookie Run Kingdom.

Take on the role of Doctor, a being at the helm of a collective dubbed the Operators. Operators are a medical organization looking a cure for the disease spread across the planet, Terra.

The base can be customised, just as Cookie Run Kingdom allows for customization, and the Operators too have unique abilities to be utilised, just like the Cookies do. The tower defence mode of course adds another layer to the action, but it’s still very much a similar strategy based RPG at heart.

Dungeon Village

A vast fantasy world reminiscent of Miniclip’s iconic pixel style art, become a budding land developer in a vast fantasy world surrounded by other ambitious characters like yourself.

Help your humble little village to new heights and protect them against the evil forces from nearby dungeons by building up your properties. Collect loot and destroy enemies to fuel the creation of new village projects.

Adventurers of all kinds, creeds and expertise will come to your village and offer their services. The more you invest in them, the better you will progress! Just like the varied Cookies, these adventurers are a source of problem solving and customisable development along side the obvious town-building similarities.

Games like Cookie Run Kingdom FAQs

What type of game is Cookie Run: Kingdom?

RPG & city-building battle simulator. The game is mainly played by building the player’s Cookie Kingdom and collecting Cookies using the game’s collectibles to fight in various game modes.

Is Cookie Run: Kingdom still popular?

The success of Cookie Run: Kingdom is spoken through the sheer volume of players. In the U.S. alone, the game ranked 16th in revenue and 1st in downloads (out of the top 100 revenue games) for RPGs in 2021. And in 2022, we’ve seen a steady increase in that number too.