Games consoles are now present in 50 per cent of UK households, the seventh annual Media Consumer survey commissioned by Deloitte's Media & Entertainment practice, has revealed.

The survey includes 2,085 UK consumers aged 14 to 75, and was carried out by an independent research firm during December 2012.

In 2011, only 47 per cent of UK households had a games console.

83 per cent of 14-17 year olds live in a household with a games console, with around 60 per cent of 18-44 year olds living in a household with a games console. The figure drops to 52 per cent for 45-54 year olds (a 30 per cent increase over 2011), and then 21 per cent for those 55+.

Devices change uk household

In contrast to other devices, 81 per cent of households have a laptop, 65 per cent a smartphone, 33 per cent a tablet and 26 per cent a connected TV.

The average gamer is said to buy between four and five games per year, with 81 per cent buying them in a physical format.

28 per cent of console owners also pay to access the console manufacturer's online services, which represents an 86 per cent increase in these subscriptions over 2011.

Pleasingly, only three per cent of those surveyed said that they had downloaded a game illegally in the last six months.

Source: Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2013